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Can You

hear yourself
breathe. Can you help
me. Can you
hear the fly. Can you

hear the tree. No
I don’t mean wind,
I mean the breathing of
the tree through

bark. Can u, say the grasses
please hear
us. Can we hear u hear
the tips of water on

us, lithe &
so heavy with light & bending
lens-tips. Can u
hear this e-

vaporation. Can u
blessing, keep not
thinking, remind

yourself of

your own

breathing, & what
is growing—leaves root sap, sun
forcing the flower….
Moving this way

you’ll see you can hear
soil breathe,
& in it, working to get thru it,
the worm,

& each turning of it
by the worm, hear, &
the breathing in it
of the worm, hear. Moving this way

you’ll hear the earth go on
without you—
when u are
no longer

here, when u are

not breathing. The fish the
water sand the
needle in the pine. The here. Hear it

as it turns,
and as now in it turns
the effort
of this worm.