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Bombshell Report on Judge Cannon Uncovers More Bias in Trump Case

Judge Aileen Cannon seemed determined to help Donald Trump from the very beginning in his classified documents case, according to a stunning new report.

Judge Aileen Cannon headshot (looks like a yearbook photo, blue background)
United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida

Loose Cannon alert: Judge Aileen Cannon was reportedly urged by senior federal judges to hand off Trump’s classified documents case when it was handed to her last year, according to sources who spoke to The New York Times. The new details add to what’s already a lengthy series of suspicious choices by Cannon that have benefited Trump.

According to The New York Times, two senior federal judges reached out to Cannon. The first unnamed judge contacted Cannon and argued she should hand the case off by citing the lack of a secure storage facility at the Fort Pierce courthouse where Cannon sits, a necessity for storing the classified documents seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. Cannon refused, requiring the city (and taxpayers) to shell out to build a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility at the courthouse.

After Cannon’s refusal, Chief Justice Cecilia Altonaga got on the horn and told Cannon taking the case would be “bad optics,” according to The New York Times, due to Cannon’s intervention after Trump sued the government for seizing the classified documents, which Trump argued were his personal property. Cannon took over and decided the case in Trump’s favor. Prosecutors appealed her decision, and an appeals panel—including two Trump-appointed judges—overturned her order, ruling that she had no authority to intervene. Cannon rejected Altonaga’s assessment.

Since those calls, Cannon has routinely issued decisions in Trump’s favor: She’s slow-walked pretrial motions, thrown out portions of the case against Trump, and indefinitely postponed the trial. Cannon has shown a steep lack of aptitude and unusual willingness to cater to Trump’s most absurd lies.

DeSantis Faces More Trouble in Court Over Shady Orders on Protesters

The Florida governor is facing a new lawsuit from a whistleblower who refused to carry out some of his orders.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis looks grim
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s authoritarian deeds have resulted in a lawsuit from a former top employee in the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, who says he was forced to resign for whistleblowing.

Shane Desguin, the agency’s former chief of staff, said in his filing that he was forced to retire in November after he wouldn’t carry out illegal or inappropriate orders, such as violating the state’s public records laws, arresting protesters without probable cause, and obtaining the photos and personal information of migrants who were transported to Florida without legal justification.

Desguin “was subjected to disparate treatment, different terms and conditions of employment, and held to a different standard because he reported Defendants’ malfeasance, gross misconduct and unlawful employment activities and was subject to retaliation thereafter,” according to the lawsuit, which was filed against DeSantis and the FDLE.

Not long after Desguin’s retirement, his deputy, Patricia Carpenter, was also fired. The lawsuit claims that Desguin and Carpenter faced an internal investigation that was a “thinly veiled attempt at character assassination” because of their whistleblowing.

A spokesperson for DeSantis didn’t comment on the lawsuit, according to ABC News, but cited that investigation as well as comments from the FDLE’s communications director, Gretl Plessinger: “Shane Desguin and Patricia Carpenter created workplace chaos, endangered the safety of other employees, and acted dishonestly and unprofessionally.”

The lawsuit says in late 2021, Desguin had to deal with the arrival of migrants being flown by the federal government to Florida in his position with the FDLE’s Office of Statewide Intelligence.

In his lawsuit, Desguin says that he was ordered by DeSantis, through another official, to get “photographs, biometric data, and any other pertinent information by engaging with migrants at the airport. As these requests escalated, (Desguin) objected, and emphasized, on multiple occasions … FDLE could not legally conduct name checks, capture photographs, or compile intelligence files without a criminal predicate or reasonable suspicion, as those actions would be unlawful.”

Later, when Florida officials suggested that migrants should be transported by bus out of the state (which was later attempted), Desguin said he told his superiors that this could constitute “false imprisonment or kidnapping,” the lawsuit said.

Once, in September 2023, Desguin said he was told by a DeSantis aide to arrest neo-Nazi demonstrators at an Orlando event to benefit the governor politically. He said that he couldn’t arrest protesters simply for their views, to which the aide told him, “I don’t think you understand. If you look hard enough, you can find a way. The governor wants someone arrested today. He will stand by you in any arrest.”

DeSantis has recently been experiencing long-overdue pushback for his hard-line actions, whether it’s having his signature anti-trans law being struck down in court, a failed attempt to invoke executive privilege, or having to back away from his infamous book bans. His culture-war laws have cost Florida millions of dollars and made him unpopular in the state, and unsurprisingly, he’s now working with the more popular, if not more authoritarian, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

MTG Loses Her Mind Over New Fox Biden-Trump Poll

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene refused to believe what she was seeing.

Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks into microphones
Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc/Getty Images

MAGA Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene went ballistic Thursday over a new poll from Fox News that saw President Joe Biden take the lead from Donald Trump, even if by only a couple points.

Clearly confusing the poll’s agreeableness with its accuracy, the Georgia Republican found herself in lock-goose-step with the meme-loving fascist Charlie Kirk, who also took issue with the results.

“Okay, I’ve been studying this new FOX NEWS poll, and I have concluded it’s a complete outlier,” Kirk wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “They have Joe Biden winning rural voters 50-48% over Trump. There is no way that’s possible. Zero.”

Kirk recently announced that his conservative youth organization, Turning Point USA, would be partnering with the Trump campaign, and invited Trump to speak at its convention in Milwaukee last weekend.

Kirk didn’t provide any evidence for this claim, but Greene, who is no stranger to pushing conspiracy theories, reposted his so-called analysis in total agreement.

“100% correct!! This Fox News poll is WRONG!” she wrote. “My district is in rural northwest Georgia and it is SOLIDLY supporting Trump! Same with most of rural America! Smart people!”

Greene’s factless freak-out comes just hours after a tantrum from Trump himself, who went off about the poll on Truth Social, claiming that Fox News is regularly unreliable, even though the outlet pretty consistently backs the former president in its coverage.

Losing it over one poll is certainly not normal but goes to show the fealty Trump imagines conservative news networks should have for him. And wherever Trump goes, Greene is always sure to follow.

Supreme Court Makes a Good Ruling for Once on Taxing the Rich

The justices opened the door for legislation on a wealth tax.

The Supreme Court building
Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

The U.S. Supreme Court just shot down a case that conservative lawyers hoped would kill any future proposals of a wealth tax. 

The court ruled Thursday on Moore v. United States, a case that challenged an obscure section of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was passed by a Republican-led Congress and signed into law by former President Donald Trump. 

The law massively overhauled the federal tax code, but this particular case was about a one-time tax called the Mandatory Repatriation Tax, or MRT, which targeted people who owned more than 10 percent of a foreign company. The MRT made a lot of rich people mad because companies will often avoid actually paying out dividends to their shareholders, in an attempt to shield them from being taxed.

Before the court, the plaintiffs, Charles and Kathleen Moore, were portrayed as some of the few investors unfairly affected by the one-time tax. As investors in the Indian farm equipment manufacturer KisanKraft, the couple paid up a $15,000 tax and then promptly sued to get their money back, arguing that the tax violated the Sixteenth Amendment, which forbids Congress from taxing “unrealized income” (income that has not passed directly into a taxpayer’s hands).

In reality, their lawyers completely misrepresented the extent of the couple’s financial involvement in KisanKraft, in a blatant attempt to devise a case that, if things went their way, could prevent a similar tax from being levied against the wealthy in the future. It wouldn’t be the first time a case heard before the Supreme Court was crafted on lies

Either way, the justices didn’t buy it, and overwhelmingly rejected the bid 7–2. 

“The precise and narrow question that the Court addresses today is whether Congress may attribute an entity’s realized and undistributed income to the entity’s shareholders or partners, and then tax the shareholders or partners on their portions of that income,” Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in the majority ruling. “This Court’s longstanding precedents, reflected in and reinforced by Congress’s longstanding practice, establish that the answer is yes.”

Kavanaugh stated that “the MRT does tax realized income—namely, income realized by the corporation, KisanKraft. The MRT attributes the income of the corporation to the shareholders, and then taxes the shareholders (including the Moores) on their share of that undistributed corporate income.”

Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch dissented, which shouldn’t be too surprising given Thomas’s questionable financial ethics and close ties to rich and powerful conservatives

Kavanaugh insisted that the ruling did not resolve questions surrounding a tax based on holdings, wealth, or net worth. “Those are potential issues for another day, and we do not address or resolve any of those issues here,” he wrote. 

With this ruling, the court has left a door open for congressional Democrats to install a tax on the nation’s highest earners, a plan that stands in stark contrast to Trump’s efforts to grant tax cuts to the rich and install trickle-down economic policy. Ironically (and shortsightedly), his platform has sent billionaires flocking to support the former president, a decision that may ultimately doom them.  

Trump Flips Out Over Devastating Fox News Poll

Fox News has some brutal news for Donald Trump this election—and he is not handling it well.

Donald Trump yells and points a finger. His lawyer Todd Blanche stands beside him.
Steven Hirsch/Pool/Getty Images

After a Fox News poll showed Joe Biden polling better than him, Donald Trump lost it on Truth Social Thursday morning.

“FoxNews Polls are always the worst for me. They have been from the beginning, and always will be!” Trump posted.

The poll shows Biden ahead of Trump by two points, 50–48 percent. It’s a change from last month’s Fox News poll, which had Trump ahead by one point.

Twitter screenshot @billscher: 7-point swing to Biden from March to June in Fox News polling

The convicted felon and presumptive Republican presidential nominee has not been happy with Fox News in the last few days. On Wednesday, Trump bashed the network and called for Paul Ryan to be removed from its board of directors.

“Nobody can ever trust Fox News, and I am one of them, with the weak and ineffective RINO, Paul Ryan, on its Board of Directors,” Trump posted on Truth Social, clearly still smarting over the former House speaker calling him “unfit for office” on the network last week

Trump doesn’t seem to be able to handle any criticism from the right-wing outlet, and it’s puzzling because it’s so rare. The network has been caught airing poorly edited interviews to make him look better, helped push his lie about an FBI assassination plot, and regularly covers up stories that make him look bad. That doesn’t even include its long history of Republican partisanship in favor of Trump, particularly in this coming election.  

Maybe Trump was actually rattled by the poll. It’s not the only recent one with bad news from him: A Politico poll came out earlier this week showing that his felony conviction actually matters to Americans and makes it less likely that they would vote for him. If that is the case, bashing the network that has tirelessly been working to get him back in office won’t help him.

Desperate Trump Plans Vicious New Tactics for Biden Debate

Donald Trump may try to attack Hunter Biden.

Donald Trump stands at a microphone
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

An expert political commentator provided a rare window into what Donald Trump’s debate strategy might be, and it looks like it’s going to get nasty.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night to discuss her predictions for Trump’s talking points during the network’s upcoming presidential debate next week.

Haberman noted that Trump has been visited by a “rotating cast of characters,” including Senators Bill Hagerty and Marco Rubio, in an effort to prepare him for the big day.

“It is interesting that he’s, you know, having all these people come and talk policy, because policy is obviously not something that’s front and center when you think of Donald Trump, or even in his long rambling rallies,” said Cooper.

During Trump’s rallies, the former president usually breathlessly rattles off lies at a breakneck pace. He very rarely puts forward any actual ideas, except to seal the southern border and, recently, to eliminate taxes on tips. But two bad ideas do not a policy platform make.

Haberman explained that Trump “has a series of agenda items that he can point to from when he was president, and that’s what they’re trying to focus his mind on.”

“A lot of what he has talked about over the last two years has been grievances, his court cases. I think he has been so singular and was during the Manhattan trial so singularly focused on what was taking place there that they’re trying to get his mind back to what he can talk about, about what he did,” she continued.

Haberman said that while Trump may have some policy points he will be able to talk about, he has several obvious obstacles as well, including answering questions about his role in the January 6 insurrection, presidential pardons, and his numerous threats of retribution against his enemies.

“And I anticipate President Biden will reference his criminal conviction,” she said. “Now, I’m quite confident, based on my reporting, that Donald Trump will then point to Hunter Biden’s criminal conviction. And this could be an uglier debate than we have seen in a very long time.”

Should Biden bring up the presumptive Republican nominee’s guilty verdict, he can expect to have his son’s new criminal record thrown back in his face.

How else Trump is preparing for the debate:

Trump’s Startling Nuclear Fantasies Revealed in New Book

A new memoir from former Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló includes a startling comment from Donald Trump about nuclear war.

Donald Trump smiles (his spray tan on his face is incredibly obvious)
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

When Donald Trump traveled to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2017, he remarked to then-Governor Ricardo Rosselló that the United States “won’t be second” in using nuclear weapons.

The startling admission was revealed in Rosselló’s upcoming book, The Reformer’s Dilemma, due to be released on Tuesday. The Hill received an excerpt from the book, that described how Rosselló and Trump were in a helicopter surveying damage from the hurricane.

“‘Nature has a way of coming back,’ said the president. ‘Well, it does until it does not. Who knows with nuclear warfare what will happen …,’” Rosselló wrote in the book.

“And then, he said the one thing that made me more concerned than anything else in the entire visit. ‘But I tell you what …’ He paused for effect. ‘If nuclear war happens, we won’t be second in line pressing the button.’ This statement floored me. I could not believe what I was hearing. It was surreal. Was he really talking about total annihilation as we flew over the ravaged sights of the island?” Rosselló wrote.

Rosselló also discussed the infamous paper towel incident, where Trump threw paper towels to victims of the hurricane like he was shooting hoops.

“The image plastered in history was one that demonstrates disdain and repulsion for the people,” he wrote. “Was it dumb and incredibly thoughtless? Yes. The president should have known better. But that does not detract from the true story: The media narrative got carried away, which is happening more often than not in our political culture.”

The nuclear war story is not surprising, as Trump has said a lot of other worrying things about nuclear weapons. During his 2016 campaign, he reportedly asked one of his foreign policy advisers, “Why have them if we can’t use them?” In December 2016, he said, “Let it be an arms race … we will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.” In the summer of 2017, he also told military leaders he wanted to increase the nuclear stockpile tenfold, back to the peak levels of the Cold War. He even discussed using nukes against North Korea in 2017. And who can forget his idea to nuke hurricanes to stop them from hitting the United States?

Trump has also shared nuclear secrets with random people, including an Australian billionaire visiting his Mar-a-Lago club in April 2021, and bragged to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward about “a weapon system that nobody’s ever had in this country before.”

“We have stuff that you haven’t even seen or heard about. We have stuff that Putin and Xi have never heard about before,” Trump said to Woodward.

With Trump showing signs of cognitive decline, a return to the White House is liable to result in more disturbing ideas about nukes at best, and, at worst, him disastrously even carrying out a nuclear threat.

Watch: Embarrassing Video Reveals Trump’s Alarming Cognitive Decline

Donald Trump’s memory issues seem to be growing by the day.

Donald Trump speaks, eyebrows raised
Eva Marie Uzcategui/Getty Images

Trump has apparently chosen to “Streisand effect” his cognitive lapses into the public eye by mocking Biden while getting tripped up by his own pesky deteriorating brain. Over the weekend, Trump challenged Biden to take a cognitive test and promptly forgot the name of the doctor who administered his in 2020. On Tuesday, Trump mocked Biden, claiming he wandered off during a G7 Summit meeting, referring to a doctored video as a “clean fake,” perhaps meaning to say “cheap fake,” which isn’t the correct term to begin with.

Trump’s cognitive decline has been notable for years, as he frequently rambles incoherently in a word-association whirlwind of nonsense about sharks, slurring his words, freezing—even forgetting his own son’s name.

A new supercut from MeidasTouch delves further into Trump’s gabbing gaffes where he confuses Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi and calls Republican representative Matt Gaetz “Rick Gates.” The video is three minutes long but manages to touch just the tip of the iceberg of Trump’s growing cognitive issues. It caps off with a beauty of a kicker, leaving all of us to stare into the void wondering how this man will once again be appearing on our ballots in November. Watch the supercut here:

Lara Trump Confusingly Changes RNC Script on Trump’s Felony

Lara Trump finally (sort of) acknowledged her father-in-law’s conviction.

Lara Trump stands in front of a microphone
Al Drago/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The RNC is preparing for Donald Trump to possibly join the Republican National Convention this summer from prison, Lara Trump said Wednesday.

The president’s daughter-in-law and co-chair of the Republican National Committee was responding to a question during an interview on the right-wing network Real America’s Voice. Host Terrance Bates asked her what would happen if Judge Juan Merchan sentenced the convicted felon and presumptive Republican presidential nominee to prison at his sentencing hearing on July 11.

“Here’s the bottom line,” Lara Trump said. “It doesn’t matter whether Donald Trump is in Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago, or anywhere else they may try to put him.

“On the day that we, as the Republican Party, will be nominating him as our official candidate and our official nominee for president, he will accept that no matter where he is,” she said. “He will go on to be our candidate all the way to November 5, when he then is reelected as our forty-seventh president.”

It’s a departure from what Republican officials were saying only on Tuesday, when Lara Trump’s RNC co-chair Michael Whatley ignored the fact that Donald Trump is a convicted felon and insisted that he would be in Milwaukee for the convention.

“We fully expect that he is going to be in Milwaukee and able to accept his nomination,” Whatley said on Newsmax.

Whether Trump wants to be there is another story. After trashing the city last week in a meeting with House Republicans, Trump immediately attempted to clarify his words and made things worse. This week, he attempted to deny making the comments at all, even after multiple people at the meeting had already confirmed it. But, given the choice, it’s a safe bet that Trump would much prefer a convention hall full of supporters to a New York correctional facility.

Martin Shkreli Joins Trump Crypto Game in the Weirdest Way Ever

The pharmaceutical price gouger and general jerk is behind a brand new Trump-branded cryptocurrency.

Martin Shkreli touches his forehead
Yuki Iwamura/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Disgraced former hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli claimed Wednesday that he and Barron Trump are responsible for a mysterious Trump-branded meme cryptocurrency.

The token, named “Trump Coin,” sparked confusion and interest since it was registered on the Solana blockchain platform earlier this week, as it bears the same DJT symbol as the stock symbol for Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social. Rumors that Trump was linked to the coin sent its value skyrocketing by 385 percent within 24 hours, and it amassed a trading volume of $363 million, according to The Block.

It wasn’t long before Arkham Intelligence, a data analytics firm, promised a $150 thousand bounty to anyone who discovered who was behind the asset. Within hours, blockchain sleuth ZachXBT posted a series of screenshots to X, formerly Twitter, claiming that he’d cracked it: The token was invented by the infamous “Pharma Bro” himself, who is best known for artificially raising the price of a lifesaving drug by 5,000 percent.

Seemingly angry at the investigator’s revelation and the subsequent wave of skeptics undermining Shkreli’s claim to the coin, the disgraced former pharmaceutical executive leapt to the mic. On Wednesday afternoon, he participated in a live Space broadcast on X to explain his involvement in the company.

Shkreli claimed that he was approached about making a meme coin with Barron Trump by the 18 year-old’s friend Cameron. Shkreli said he has since established a “friendship” with the former president’s son, whom he credits as the “mastermind” behind the coin.

“I was surprised. It was the president’s son, [which] seems like a good idea,” Shkreli said, laughing. He noted that Barron claimed that the presumptive Republican nominee approved of the project and thought it was “great.”

Shkreli became adversarial when asked if the token was created to raise money for Trump’s presidential campaign. “Whatever, the goal was to sell NFTs, make money,” he snapped, denying that the meme coin was a moneymaking scheme for Trump.

Instead, he claimed the funds were meant for Barron, who was expected to get “everything, everything, everything. Period.”

Meanwhile, Shkreli said his own financial incentive was “nonexistent,” and he just “wanted to see where it would go.”

“There’s nothing wrong with creating a meme coin,” Shkreli insisted. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting up an LP, and selling it to people you know.”

According to Shkreli, only a “Trump family member” has a private key, the tool that would allow someone to access and manage the funds raised.

The possibility of financial gain aside, getting involved in crypto could be a way for Trump to attract fans involved in the highly lucrative field.

“I’m glad President Trump and his campaign are leaning into crypto, including accepting it—he’s ahead of the curve, “ failed presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy told Fox Business earlier this week.

“Embracing crypto will help Trump continue to bring libertarians and your not-typical Republicans into the fold—it’s a winning issue.”

Ultimately, Shkreli was unable to provide any real proof that he’d collaborated with Barron on the meme coin, and the Trump family and campaign have yet to release a statement or acknowledge Shkreli’s claims.

More about Trump’s relationship with crypto: