At Trump’s rally, Rudy Giuliani sported the taco bowl of hats.

Warming up the crowd at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, where Trump gave a speech on immigration, the former New York City mayor looked like he was wearing a classic MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hat. But closer inspection revealed that the white hat carried a different message. It read: MAKE MEXICO GREAT AGAIN ALSO. According to the campaign, the new slogan was Trump’s idea.

The hat was obviously meant to coincide with Trump’s attempt to recast himself as a statesman who could improve America’s relationship with its southern neighbor. Earlier in the day, Trump made a bizarre, last-minute visit to see the president of Mexico. The ad hoc visit quickly became a Trumpian dispute about honesty, with Trump claiming that there was no discussion of who will pay for his proposed wall on the Mexican border; Enrique Peña Nieto said he told the Republican nominee that Mexico won’t pay for the wall, to which Trump refused to respond.