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Onward, Huntsman Boomlet

Huntsmania is on the loose. Just in the past day, Jon Jr. has cracked double-digits in New Hampshire, further fueled speculation of a third-party run if he does not get the Republican nomination and now received an all-but endorsement from the editor of the Boston Herald's editorial page. The piece is titled "The Smartest Guy You've Never Heard Of" and concludes on this note:

Wonky? Sure, but in a spontaneous, unprogrammed way. No handler ever put words in this guy’s mouth. Which indeed gets back to that original question: Why haven’t we heard of this guy? And isn’t it time we did.

Granted, one could probably fit all of the Herald's New Hampshire readers inside one of the larger rest rooms at Fenway Park (the paper's weekday circulation has fallen below 125,000, and it's concentrated in metro Boston), but still, as free advertisement goes, it's something. Meanwhile, Huntsman's chief rival, Mitt Romney, is feeling the heat on the right from an ascendant Newt Gingrich; perhaps seeing an opening, Huntsman fired off a zinger yesterday, declaring that Romney is in the "hip pocket of Wall Street." Can you hear the Harley's engine revving up?