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Herman Cain’s Feminist Doppelganger

 [Guest post by Molly Redden]

Need an antidote to the real Herman Cain? The one accused of sexual harassment and worse, who referred to the former Speaker of the House as “Princess Pelosi” and implied to Jimmy Kimmel that he wouldn’t pay Gloria Allred for sex? Then check out Twitter’s Hermyn Cain, his feminist doppelganger! He “eats pizza and patriarchy” and puts a third-wave spin on the many controversies inspired by Herman with an ‘A’:

“Don’t quite get the @princesspelosi blowback. Everyone knows we’d [be] better off with a royal matriarchy, I just had the ovaries to say it.” 
“The two other problems with Dodd-Frank: Dodd and Frank! BOTH DUDES. #ElizabethWarren #MASen #cnbcdebate #tcot
“MT @THEHermanCain The American ppl deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion! // Especially my accusers!”

And then there’s Twitter’s Princess Nancy. Maybe she and Hermyn can team up and teach the real candidate a thing or two about the last 50 years of progress on women’s rights.