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Is Rick Perry A Secret Islamist?

Commentary's Alana Goodman defends Rick Perry against the "anti-sharia community":

The back-and-forth within the anti-sharia community about whether or not Rick Perry is a “fifth columnist” candidate continued this week, with Center for Security Policy’s Dave Reaboi and Ace of Spades both coming to Perry’s defense.
At Counter Contempt, David Stein also analyzed the “controversial” Muslim history curriculum Perry helped coordinate in Texas, and skewered the idea that it’s a pro-Sharia program.

Without delving deeper into the details here, I am prepared to agree with Goodman that Perry has not promoted Sharia law.

I do want to raise a semantic quibble, though. In a country where adopting sharia law would draw opposition from roughly 99% of the population, there has to be a better term than "anti-sharia community" to describe the views of those who believe there is a conspiracy, broad enough to include such figures as Perry, working to impose such a thing.