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The Ultimate In Neoconservative War Reportage

Ann Marlowe, reporting from Libya for the Weekly Standard, is apparently calling in airstrikes:

I helped call in my first NATO strike yesterday. We were being shelled. A commander I was driving with asked me whether I had NATO’s number—NATO, here, is always being referred to in the third person masculine.
I tried to explain that NATO isn’t usually very keen on journalists calling in these sorts of things, but that I could connect the commander here with the interior minister of the TNC, the deputy commander of the 17th of February brigade.
Located 750 miles away in Benghazi, the interior minister was rather shocked to find out that there was heavy fighting going on here. And he promised to call NATO and get them to do something, which they did yesterday evening at 7 o’clock, with two or three planes, in what appears to have been a quick, pinpoint strike right before iftar (Ramadan break-fast), presumably meant only to destroy weapons and not Qaddafi loyalists themselves.

I'm slightly unnerved that she describes this as her "first" airstrike, suggesting that others may follow, as opposed to a one-off episode. I may need to reevaluate my policy of constantly ridiculing the Standard, or possibly start blogging from a fortified underground bunker.