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-- From Ezra Klein: Obama and Bush deficit contribution, side-by-side on a single graph

-- Grover Norquist boldly claims that "this plan is good for taxpayers, children and other living things.”

-- Politico writes an anonymously-sourced story decrying anonymous sources

-- The founder of Home Depot says that Obama "would[n't] understand anything that I'd say" in a conversation about the economy

-- James Surowieki at The New Yorker argues persuasively for an end to the debt ceiling

-- NASCAR pastor to his flock: "Boogity, boogity, boogity, Amen." 

-- Which party is in really in thrall to the media?

-- Eric Cantor wants to make sure that hedge funds get a fair shake in the policy-making process

-- Ramesh Ponnuru thinks that Romney has gone from "being a weak frontrunner to being the frontrunner, period"