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From A.Q. Khan to … DSK?

In the next issue of Newsweek: More celebrity bylines than ever before!

One of the most striking changes to Newsweek in recent months has been the influx of celebrity authors. The current issue alone contains contributions from Gordon Brown, Cindy McCain, Betty White, and A.Q. Khan, the Pakistani scientist who sold nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya, and North Korea; he penned an article titled, “I Saved My Country From Nuclear Blackmail.” The New Republic has obtained a copy of the table of contents for Newsweek’s next issue:

Why I’m Running For President
Newt Gingrich
The Right Way to Strengthen Libyan Civil Society
Saif Qaddafi
The Netanyahu I Know
Eric Cantor
Arnold’s Lovechild: What I Would Have Done If I’d Known
Linda Tripp

A Very Palin Wedding
Track Palin and Britta Hanson’s high school romance, wartime promises and windswept mountaintop vows.
A dispatch by Tina Brown
Plus: Tripp on Track
An exclusive interview

American Barbarism
I would like to make it clear that always and profoundly, I have been a devoted friend to women.
By Dominique Strauss-Kahn, as told to Bernard-Henri Lévy

The Choice
How Mitch Daniels faced the toughest decision of his political life and emerged stronger than ever.
By Cheri Daniels

Bin Laden’s Women
The wives of the former Al Qaeda leader step out of the shadows.
Photos by Annie Leibovitz

Newsbites: Obama’s call for Israel to return to its 1967 borders
Andrew Sullivan, Tony Blair, Seal

An ultrabright mesh bra by Proenza Schouler is sure to attract attention.*

*This item is quoted verbatim from the May 23 double issue of Newsweek.

Rachel Morris is the executive editor of The New Republic. Follow her on Twitter at @RachelMorris_

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