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Don't Call Him A Hero

Per Alex Massie, a story of determination and triumph:

A retired prison guard in the US has eaten his 25,000th Big Mac.
It has been 39 years to the day since Don Gorske ate his first nine.
At a ceremony in his honour at a McDonald's in his hometown of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, he said he would continue to eat Big Macs "until I die".
Mr Gorske, 57, appeared in the 2004 documentary film Super Size Me, which looks at the impact of a daily diet of McDonald's food. He is thin and his cholesterol is said to be low.
"When I was 19 years old I had eaten my first 1,000 Big Macs and I was kind of like, I thought how long before I hit 10,000?" he said before eating the world record 25,000th burger on Tuesday.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

I like the last line of the story:

Doctors have said they do not recommend Mr Gorske's diet.

That sounds suspiciously like something the reporter added without calling any actual doctors.