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Mitch Daniels vs. The Thirders

Mitch Daniels sketches the outlines of his now likely-seeming presidential run:

Daniels said he would continue to sleep in voters' homes if he does run for president, as he has as governor and during his two statewide campaigns. "It not only saves money, but you learn so darn much," he said.

I don't know if you have ever read the Constitution, Governor Daniels, but it contains a little something called the Third Amendment. And as a potential commander in chief, your plan sounds an awful lot like quartering of troops. This little detail of Constitutional law may not interest you very much right now, but you may start to care when the Daniels administration is received by protests of left-wingers in Constitutional garb, filling the courts with lawsuits challenging the legal basis for Daniels' presidency that get pushed through the legal system by sympathetic partisan judges.