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Did Virginia Commonwealth Deserve An NCAA Tournament Bid?

And now a word from ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas:

"I wonder," Bilas said on ESPN, "if some people on the committee know whether the ball is round."
Some of the snubs include Virginia Tech, Boston College, Colorado, Alabama, St. Mary's and even Harvard, while some of the questionable selections include Clemson, Alabama-Birmingham and Virginia Commonwealth.
"That sounds harsh," Bilas said of his statement, "but I'm wondering. These were bad decisions. They're indefensible.
"I've seen UAB play. I've seen VCU play," he added. "All of the teams on the 'snub list' should have gotten in before those two. All of them. There's a reason none of us brought up UAB and VCU as having a chance to get in -- and it's because they had no chance to get in. The committee has gone against their own principles."

Oh, wait -- that was before the teams started playing. So what happened to Virginia Commonwealth, anyway?