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Right-Wing Zionists For The One State Solution

Commentary's Jonathan Kellerman thinks opposition to settlement-building is the equivalent of Nazism:

Like most neurotic obsessions, preoccupation with “settlers” would benefit from some stepping back and aiming for context. What we’re really talking about is the right of Jews to live wherever they please. The concept of Judenfrei — moving Jews out of specific areas of Europe — was a bulwark of Nazi policy that rapidly devolved to the even more viciously racist notion of Judenrein, cleansing Jews from all of Europe. We all know where that led. One would think that Europeans whose overall record of saving Jews in the Holocaust is, to be charitable, less than heroic would shudder at reintroducing such a repellent principle into contemporary political thought. One would be wrong. Six decades after the Holocaust, here we go again. 

The mind reels. Does Kellerman think that Arab families in Ramallah can just go live wherever they want in Jerusalem? No, they cannot. That is because the West Bank is occupied territory. If you want to consider it part of Israel proper, then you need to grant its residents equal rights as Israelis. Does Kellerman favor a one-state solution? If not, then he might want to ponder the implications of a system in which Israelis can live in the West Bank (and be heavily subsidized to do so) but Arabs from the West Bank can't go live in Israel.