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The Auto Company As Public Entity

I realize that this two-minute Super Bowl spot is mostly Chrysler's attempt to use Detroit to brand itself and sell cars. But I think there's more to it -- a genuine attempt by the company to defend the city where it is based. As a native of the area I was actually a little moved watching this:

Eminem is featured in the spot. I remember years ago, Ann Arbor native Bob Seger, who I believe did not do advertising, used his song "Like A Rock" in a truck commercial. He explained that people in Michigan had been asking him when he was going to do something to help the auto companies, so he relented. I can't vouch for the accuracy of his account, but I believe it. As hard as it may believe for non-Michiganians to believe, people in Detroit think of the auto industry less as a profit-seeking corporation and more as as a public entity responsible for the well-being of the community. That, I would bet, is why you see Eminem doing a Chrysler ad.