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The New Booker Award Winner in TNR

This week, Howard Jacobson was awarded the Booker Prize, a prestigious British award for literature. Howard is a long-time contributor to TNR and, in honor of his latest achievement, we've compiled a list of his best articles.

"Blair Ghost Project," by Howard Jacobson (8/12/2009) The haunting of Gordon Brown.
"The Beautiful Game," by Howard Jacobson (9/24/2007) In defense of ping-pong.
"Pox Britannica," by Howard Jacobson (4/15/2009) English anti-Semitism on the march.
"Restoration," by Howard Jacobson (6/30/2010) A review of Sissinghurst: An Unfinished History, by Adam Nicolson.
"This Is No Rout," by Howard Jacobson (5/7/2010) Unequivocally, the British public has voted for equivocation.
"The Government We Deserve," by Howard Jacobson (5/5/2010) So what has the British election been about anyway? The answer isn’t flattering to Brits.