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"Muslim World Snubs UN's Pleas For $460M To Help Flood Victims"

This story is about Pakistan and the flood that has desolated so much of it. The headline appeared in this morning’s Times of London.

The U.S. has pledged $62 million, Great Britain $26 million, Japan $13 million, which with the 18 other countries contributing lesser amounts, means that the United Nations has or will have in the next days a total of $204 million to use in Pakistan.

But watch out for this morsel of news: “Not a single Islamic nation appeared yesterday on the UN’s latest list of donors despite efforts to reach out to them.”

And by way of explanation: “Analysts blamed Riyadh’s strained relations with President Zardari for the apparent indifference of the oil-rich Saudi government.” Or, as one Pakistani diplomat explained, “King Abdullah has never liked Mr. Zardari for various reasons. One is Mr. Zardari’s closeness to the Americans. His being a Shi’a may also be a factor.”

In the meantime, the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (a Zionist agency) and the Jewish World Service (plus several Jewish organizations in England) are already deep into raising and giving substantial assistance to the victims of the Pakistan floods.

Make your own conclusions.