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It Is A Show Of Strength To Which The Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea Has Threatened To Respond With ‘Sacred War’

 What's this stuff about sacred war coming from a Godless communist 
country? OK, revolutionary governments usually exaggerate, Pyongyang 
is no exception. In fact, it is a prime instance of such behavior.

It cannot feed its own people, and its democratic enemy/neighbor to 
the south has been doing just that for them. This does not pacify Kim 
Jong Il, the Stalinist leader, nor apparently will it pacify the sick 
old man's designated successor, Kim Jong-un, his son, age not quite 
known. Do you notice how ‘progressive’ tyrannies have royalist 
habits? Mubarak and his son, Assad and his, Saddam Hussein and one of 
his sons (passage aborted), Qaddafi and his blood heir.

A very good report on the Korean encounter by Christina Lamb is 
in this morning's (Sunday) Times of London. This content is behind a paywall, but well worth reading if you have access to it.

Defense secretary Gates and Mrs. Clinton announced Operation 
Invincible Spirit. It includes 8,000 American and South Korean 
soldiers, 200 airplanes and 20 ships and submarines. It will go on 
for four days. It is the 60th anniversary of the Korean war.

The fact is that this entire conundrum, including especially the North 
Korean atomic adventure, is a judgment on the last three American 
administrations and their conduct of East Asia foreign policy. The 
three presidents, including the present one, have tried to coddle and 
bribe the Pyongyang tyranny into forgoing nukes. Alas, they've failed.

Israel has charged that North Korea has been peddling advanced weapons 
to Arab countries and extremist movements like Hezbollah and Hamas.
See Ha'aretz, July 23.