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The Insufferable Lebron Show

[Guest Post by Isaac Chotiner]

Buzz Bissinger has said it better than I ever could, but the LeBron fiasco currently airing on ESPN has been a complete and utter train-wreck. It is fashionable for commentators to dishonestly claim that they despised some overdone spectacle like the Oscars, even though they secretly enjoyed the circus. This is absolutely not the case with tonight's horrific LeBron coverage, which is maddeningly drawn-out and frustrating, and which has embarrassed ESPN. The network's willingness to completely debase itself over the past few days has not been particularly surprising, but the wall-to-wall coverage today (on and on television) has gone beyond what any cynic could have possibly feared.

Stuart Scott is the worst offender: He keeps informing the audience that the "news" which he is hyping is being hyped to an extent previously unprecedented. "We have never seen anything like this before." Scott is more right than he knows.

The silver lining, assuming James does in fact go to Miami: All non-Floridian sports fans can root against the Heat with a passion usually reserved for local teams. The Miami Heat will be the new Yankees.