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As Attorney General Holder Was Saying … Nonsense From The Boston Globe

This is about the etiology of the "bombings at (the) Pakistani shrine."

Apparently no-one in the Obama administration can stand the thought that the killers are Muslims motivated by Islam.  That's the president's view and, as I wrote last week, also the view of his attorney general Eric Holder.

No, this editorial in the Boston Globe is not actually a guest article by Holder.

But it might as well have been.

At Root Is Fanaticism, Not Islam

THE SUICIDE bombings at a Sufi Muslim shrine Thursday in the Pakistani city of Lahore, which killed at least 42 people and injured dozens more, hold a useful lesson for Americans trying to comprehend the meaning of Islamist terrorism.

Above all, the slaughter of worshippers at Lahore’s Data Darbar shrine needs to be seen as the act of sectarian fanaticism it was. Sufi Muslims were murdered for following a faith that other, puritanical Muslims condemn as heresy. Sufis, long the majority among Pakistani Muslims, are denounced by Wahhabi fundamentalists for worshipping saints, including music in their rituals, and giving women an equal place in religious life.

The fanatics despise the Sufis for being moderate, tolerant, and peaceful.
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Alas, the fact is that Wahabism is not a "tiny, deviant minority."  It is the faith of the Saudi majority and the Saudi regime, and it has much of the Saudi cash.