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Too Depressed for Outrage

In response to my item about the lackluster push for climate change legislation, reader Sophia responds:

I dunno. I think people are plenty outraged but we're also depressed. Plus, We the People aren't 18 years old anymore and taking to the streets (or the beach) is simply impossible.
And, as mentioned above, we aren't idiots. There are no alternatives, period, for oil and everybody knows it.
One had hoped for stronger leadership on this issue from the White House though, and I don't mean just since the spill but before it. I was plenty mad when Obama announced there would be more offshore drilling and the decision by the judge not to support the moratorium on deep water drilling is infuriating. And, there has been next to zero action on green energy/new job creation/safe environment/getting away from oil--if the country's political, business and industrial leaders won't lead then what exactly are the people supposed to do?
The fact is, power seems so far beyond the grasp of the American people that if we're not reacting more visibly it's out of despair as much as anything else. Everybody I talk to is deeply upset about this, alarmed, appalled--but age 18 to age 90--none of us has any illusions of grandeur in re our ability to actually create or force change.

Speaking of things that will make you depressed, Brad relays reports that Jeff Bingaman will be taking over from John Kerry as the point-person on Senate climate change legislation:

When we last checked in, a bunch of other senators were griping that they were annoyed by Kerry's obsession with averting a major climate catastrophe. Presumably the far more low-key Bingaman won't offend their delicate sensibilities.

Bingaman is from New Mexico, the nation's fifth largest oil producing state. Presumably Brad is right.