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Did Israeli Helicopters Land And Deliver Equipment In Saudi Arabia?

The report came from the FARS news agency in Iran. On Thursday, Ha'aretz repeated the story: "Iranian news: IAF choppers land at Saudi Arabia

If FARS is correct, the landing apparently occurred on June 18 and 19. After landing at Tabuk Airport, the helicopters were emptied of military equipment which constituted "activity of the Zionist regime in Saudi Arabia." The Saudis were said to have cancelled numerous flight so as to permit the Israeli air force to do what it had come to do.

This past weekend saw Al-Quds Al-Arabi, another Arabic newspaper, report that an American fleet and one Israeli ship had passed through the Suez Canal in preparation for an assault on the Shi'a Muslim state.

Ten days the Times of London disclosed that Saudi Arabia had agreed to open its air space to Israeli fighter craft as part of preparations for a possible attack on Iran. The Times reported that "the Saudi air force had begun training to enable safe passage for the Israeli planes, thus shortening the flight time to the Persian Gulf considerably."

Israel did not comment. The Saudis denied the report.

Who do you believe?