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TNR Just Got More Argumentative

If you haven't seen them, TNR has launched two really excellent new blogs today, both in the spirit of freewheeling dispute. The first, "Entanglements," is a foreign policy blog edited by our old colleague Lawrence Kaplan, who has put together an eclectic roster of liberals, neocons, realists, and other intellectuals. I don't know of anything like it on the web, and I think it's a must read.

Meanwhile, we've also launched a new column featuring two in-house critics, Jim Manzi from the right, and Michael Kazin from the left. The idea is to give them a platform to rebut the commentary and reporting produced by TNR. I'm especially proud of this venture. There has been a general tendency toward segmentation on the internet, with readers finding information sources that confirm their worldview and shielding themselves off from anything that challenges it. We're hoping Manzi and Kazin, who are both highly intelligent people who reside ideologically to our right and left respectively, can counteract that tendency. It's going to be fun.