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Items worth reading from around the web:

Comings and goings: Forbes magazine has a nifty online tool that shows county migration patterns based on IRS data. The numbers are from 2008, however, and don’t take into full account the migration stagnation that has occurred since the onset of the recession. One thing that probably remains true is the status of Texas as a migration magnet--click on Harris (Houston), Travis (Austin), and Dallas counties--due to its relatively decent economic performance over the last year. Per my colleague William Frey’s analysis, that could mean up to four new Texas seats in Congress following the reapportionment based on Census 2010.

Drilling down on municipal fiscal distress: A fascinating document from the San Diego County Grand Jury examines the fiscal straits of the city of San Diego (grand juries in California have some roles unique to that state). Underlying the whole thing is the enormous question of how long municipalities can continue plugging long-term structural deficits through staff and service cuts without addressing pension and health care costs.  

The hive mind tackles transport: The latest in this Slate series solicits ideas from around the web to improve both intercity and intracity transportation. It’s hosted by author Tom Vanderbilt.