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Democrats May Get Right With Crist

The Democrats' best chance to beat Marco Rubio for the Florida Senate seat lies in consolidating all the center-left vote behind Charlie Crist, who is rapidly moving leftward. Previously they had been concerned about billionaire gadfly Jeff Greene defeating Kendrick meek in the Democratic primary. Now some are suggesting that a win by Greene could give them an excuse to support Crist:

Yet with Greene promising to drop at least $40 million of his fortune on the primary and pulling neck and neck with Meek in one survey, Sunshine State Democrats are beginning to consider the increasingly realistic prospect that their nominee might be a “meltdown mogul” — one who collects erotic art, had Mike Tyson serve as his best man and once hosted “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss as a house guest.
Faced with such an awkward possibility, many influential Democrats indicated that supporting Crist — who has quickly moved leftward since leaving the GOP — or just remaining quiet would be the better of the unenviable options.