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The NGOs Love Hamas But Hamas Does Not Love the NGOs

In fact, just hours and days after the NGOs of Gaza—a motley group made up largely of pacifists who happen to admire and support Palestinian violence against the Jews— celebrated the ephemeral propaganda victory of Hamas over the Israel Defense Forces, the command of the mainstream Jihadist fanatics shut down the offices of some self-styled human-rights organizations. The Muslim extremists also confiscated files, computers and other records. There was particular emphasis in the seizures on women’s health and educational organizations.

Why not? Hamas is a close cousin to the Taliban whose contempt for women and girls is notorious. There is among many of the administration’s “realists” a certain yen for doing business with the Hamas, as there is a yen among some American AfPak realists a certain yen for doing business with the Taliban. But shouldn’t it be a cardinal principle of American wars that they be fought for a good cause ... and not hateful ones?

Here is the dispatch by Khaled Abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post reporting on the Hamas raids and seizures.