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Mark Penn Offers A Suggestion

Mark Penn lists a series of problems faced by president Obama and demands Action:

almost all of these problems are about substance, not style, branding or even communications. They can't be addressed with press conferences and panels. The public is looking for direct and immediate action, thought out and taken by the an administration that acted boldly when it took office to prevent a possible depression.

Okay, Mr. Penn. You want action! Something bold! Now, what is your bold, substantive solution?

On the BP crisis, he needs to get away from the posturing politicians and the environmentalists and get together with scientists, generals and big-time business people who have experience solving big logistical problems. Now is the time to call in the big brains, lock them in a room, and deliver every possible resource to shut the oil flow down; think Manhattan Project meets Independence Day, with fewer aliens and more eggheads.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: this man is a total fraud. He has absolutely no idea what he was talking about. The notion that he could have been the president's chief political adviser is just frightening.