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Kauffmann: Films Worth Seeing

Harlan. A German documentary that interviews the descendants of Veit Harlan who in Nazi times directed Jew Suss, one of the most viciously anti-Semitic of the era’s films.  Harlan’s sons and niece and grandchildren explore interestingly how they have dealt with this burden in their lives.  (03/13/2010)

LourdesA  respectful yet clear-eyed look at the Catholic church’s world-famous shrine, which is a considerable and complex institution.  A young paraplegic woman goes there,  and we follow her fascinating experiences.  (03/13/2010)

Mid-August Lunch.  Ferragosto, August 15th, is a big Italian holiday  A middle-aged man finds himself the host for four women of about ninety on Ferragosto and makes the convivial best of it.  A charmer.  (03/17/2010)

Vincere.  The fact-based story of a woman who fell in love with the young socialist Mussolini, had a son by him, and claimed that she was married to him.  What happened between her and Mussolini after he became fascist is an inevitably moving story. (03/17/2010)

Stanley Kauffmann is The New Republic's film critic.

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