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Another Life-Imitates-Parody

Saturday Night Live had a funny skit in 2008, in which John McCain records a series of misleading but technically true attacks on Barack Obama. In one, the announcer declares, "Obama supports tax cuts for pedophiles." McCain looks skeptically at his campaign manager, who explains, "Well, there's no way to identify all pedophiles. Percentages are, if you cut taxes, it's going to benefit at least a couple of them."

Now that attack has come to life: Obama is going to provide health insurance to pedophiles! Here's Senator Tom Coburn:

Sen. Tom Coburn drew ridicule last month for trying in vain to prohibit sex offenders from getting Viagra prescriptions under the new health care law.
But Coburn is now having the last laugh after the Congressional Research Service confirmed his assertions that sex offenders not in prison could get Viagra and other drugs treating erectile dysfunction under health plans subsidized by taxpayer dollars.
In a memo to the Oklahoma Republican, who is one of two doctors in the chamber, and provided to, the CRS said there are no provisions in the new health care law "which would require health plans to limit the type of benefits that can be offered based on the plan beneficiary's prior criminal convictions."
"Additionally, there do not appear to be any provisions that would specifically restrict qualified health plans' coverage of drugs prescribed to treat ED," the memo read.
"Therefore, a convicted rapist, child molester, or other sex offender who is not incarcerated would not appear to be excluded from enrolling in a qualified health plan through an American Health Benefit Exchange in their state solely because of that conviction," the memo added.

I would love to talk to the CRS staffer who had to write that memo. Here's the SNL sketch: