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John Campbell Does Not Fear The Turtle

I don't usually wring my hands about partisanship, but this, per Luke Russert, is pretty extreme:

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer offered a resolution to honor the University of Maryland for making the NCAA Tournament and for having the ACC Player of the Year, as well as the Coach of the Year on the same team.
Well, California Rep. John Campbell (R) spoke against the measure because last year, Hoyer apparently pulled a resolution from the floor honoring the University of California Irvine's Men's Volleyball team for winning the 2009 national championship.
Campbell made a point of saying Maryland wasn't that special because they didn't win a national title and have only made the tournament. He then laid into the Terps for having an 8% graduation rate.
Campbell went on to ask for a recorded vote on the measure, which almost never happens. The vote started around 6:00 pm ET.