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Thiessen On The Daily Show

I just this morning got the chance to watch Jon Stewart's interview with former Bush speechwriter, and current Washington Post columnist, Marc Thiessen. These interviews are often described as knockouts when the reality is a little more murky. The Thiessen interview, though, was a true knockout. Thiessen repeated his Cheney-ite talking points about how Obama was making us less safe, and Stewart just dissected one after another. Thiessen's only recourse was to try to talk over Stewart's rebuttals, making several points in a row so that Stewart couldn't rebut each one. When Stewart did talk, he made some clean shots, and Thiessen grew more and more frustrated, complaining repeatedly about his supposed lack of time. (I actually felt, due to his unusually aggressive style, Thiessen got more air time than most guests.)

In any case, the interview is well-worth watching if you haven't already:

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