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The Talker

The details of his story aren’t the point,

nor is the listener, who looked as bored

as we, two accidental eavesdroppers

in a London restaurant. The point is, well,

his point, which after ten long minutes

he came to abruptly, and with a flourish,

saying slowly and in perfect seriousness,

“All we are is dust in the wind. All

we are. Is dust. In the wind.” I think

we bit our fingers to keep from laughing,

I know we mocked him through Paris, Barcelona,

Rome, and even years later, when one

of us became a little too serious,

the other would turn and quote his quote again,

jabbing the air as he had jabbed the air.

I picture him still sitting in some café,

proclaiming we were always born to run

or urging wayward sons to carry on

the way we tried to carry on, the couple

at the next table who couldn’t help but listen,

with so little of our own to talk about.