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Your Conservative Think-Tanks At Work

The Heritage Foundation has discovered what it calls a "flip-flop" by the Obama administration:

Last week, First Lady Michelle Obama launched a campaign against childhood obesity, which is interesting considering President Barack Obama’s past statements on hunger in America.
In November of 2009 — only three short months ago — President Obama “reacted with concern” at a report that Americans are suffering “record levels” of “food insecurity,” according to a report from the Boston Globe. ...
So which is it?  Is the real problem here hunger, or is it obesity?

Good grief. Some poor people have trouble getting enough to eat, and others have sufficient calories but unhealthy diets (and/or a lack of exercise.) Is Heritage really unable to grasp that these problems can occur simultaneously? It's like saying that George W. Bush was a flip-flopper because he proposed to help New Orleans deal with a flood and California handle fires.