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A Real Electric Car: No Gas, No Fuss. Coming Soon... From Israel

No one who has read either Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle (by Dan Senor and Saul Singer) or The Israel Test (by George Gilder) could have been surprised by the news that Israeli scientists and private investors have produced a no-nonsense electric car that meets all the myriad objections raised to other vehicles of the type.

The fact is that any model automobile can be fitted for the ever-renewable battery. Yes, it has the cumbersome chargeable option. But the real point about the battery is that, when it runs out of power (at about the time your engine would have run out of gas), you go to your battery station (instead of gas station) and exchange the exhausted one for a recharged one. This transaction will take about five minutes. And on and on.

Soon the world will be full of these cars in models from Renault (which has already signed on) to, well, everyone.

There is a "JPost TV" film clip on the Jerusalem Postwebsite that tells the story.

The Associated Press also reports on the development.

And what does this mean for the Palestinians? Nothing, nothing at all.

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