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Impeach Obama?

The movement has begun. Floyd Brown, naturally, is the ringleader. Right now they're a little light on rationale:

Why are we calling for the Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama? 

Radio-personality Tammy Bruce may have said it best:

"... ultimately, it comes down to... the fact that he seems to have, it seems to me, some malevolence toward this country, which is unabated."

Oh... there are many reasons to call for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama and there is more than just cause to call for his impeachment.

The site mainly continues in this vein. Reasons to impeach Obama? There are so many reasons! Oh, the reasons we have. We could give you so many reasons that you'd be bored to tears.

They get a bit more specific, but not much:

Are you terrified at Barack Obama’s campaign to change our country into a third-world nation?

Are you willing to sit back and watch Obama bulldoze our great nation?

Are you willing to let him construct a totalitarian regime... fascism, socialism, Obamaism... take your pick?

I like the conflation of socialism with fascism. (I've never been to Sweden but I assume it's basically like Nazi Germany.) Jonah Goldberg's book is clearly a massively influential text. Of course, I'd note that it's a bit tautological to assert that "Obamaism" is a totalitarian ideology that justifies Obama's impeachment. But I'm sure the details will be filled in over the next few years, as this notion inevitably moves closer to the GOP mainstream. Michelle Bachmann, Steve King, Jim DeMint, what say you?