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No Organized Political Party

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee emails this:

From: Ryan Rudominer
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 1:17 PM
Subject: Winners and Losers from the Mass. Senate special - Washington Post's Chris Cillizza 

From: Chris Cillizza
To: Chris Cillizza

Sent: Wed Jan 20 13:08:51 2010
Subject: Winners and Losers from the Mass. Senate special


Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: In light of the Massachusetts loss, the DCCC's record of five straight special election wins -- including one last fall in a difficult environment in Upstate New York -- looks a lot more impressive. Yes, we know that the majority of the DCCC's special wins came in a far better political environment for Democrats nationally but they also came in far less friendly territory for the party generally (Louisiana, Mississippi etc.).

Ryan Rudominer
National Press Secretary
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

They're proud that Martha Coakley's loss makes them look better than the Senate. Really shows you why the Democratic Congress is in such great shape, huh?