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A Political Litmus Test For Notre Dame's Football Coach

From the conservative "World" magazine. This is NOT a parody:

The recent hire of Brian Kelly to succeed Charlie Weis as head football coach at Notre Dame raised more than a few eyebrows among devout Catholic alumni, many of whom have helped build the school's $6 billion endowment. Kelly has a history of association with left-leaning politicians, including working for Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart in 1984. Such ties have prompted some Fighting Irish faithful to wonder aloud if Kelly supports legalized abortion....

Of course, Kelly was not hired for his political or religious convictions. He was hired to revamp a proud but languishing program. And most Notre Dame fans seem happy to let him try, no matter his views on the unborn. If abortion­supporting President Barack Obama can deliver the school's commencement address, as he did last year, then why can't a liberal coach the football team?

Such willingness on the part of higher learning institutions to set aside moral standards for the sake of athletic success may be a growing trend.