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Big News: Introducing The Book, an Online Review

Today is a momentous day in the history of The New Republic, and in the American literary world. We are proud to announce the appearance of The Book: An Online Review.

The literary pages of The New Republic have long been known as a home to high criticism and impassioned debate. It is our goal to extend these values to this new site, with new content--that is, new reviews, new criticism, and new arguments about fiction, history, art, politics, poetry, music, and all the other fields that matter to our culture--appearing almost daily.

In our first “issue” of The Book, you will find:

Leon Wieseltier on Philip Roth
David Thomson on Hollywood in the ’50s
David A. Bell on Joan of Arc
Eric Posner on Anthony Kennedy
Rosanna Warren on Louise Gluck

You will also find, in delightful new departments, Virginia Woolf, Vladimir Nabokov, and Lionel Trilling. (Really.) You will also find our recommendations for what you should read elsewhere in the republic of letters. And you will find more. (For a full introduction to The Book and its many features, please read “Welcome to The Book” by Isaac Chotiner, its executive editor.) 

To head directly for The Book: An Online Review, go to

We have big plans. The Book is by serious people and for serious people. We intend to make it the essential destination for thoughtful, provocative, and learned criticism on the web--a great experiment in adapting the new technology to the old purposes, which in our view have lost none of their urgency and excitement.

So welcome to The Book, and not a moment too soon.