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So I Decided To Write A Blog

I've been told that there's this hot new mode of journalism known as "blogging," which comes from the word "blog," which is short for "weblog." I have decided to get ahead of this emerging trend by starting a blog of my own. I have named it "Jonathan Chait." (Other possible titles I considered were "Jonathan Cohn" and "Michael Crowley." Somehow "Jonathan Chait" seemed to do the best job of capturing the essence of what the blog will be about.) The blog will cover the normal topics I've been writing about in TNR for the last 14 years--politics, policy, and the unending supply of ignorance and venality that makes our public discourse and political system so amusingly dysfunctional. I may include some diversions into my personal obsessions, like college football, Arrested Development, and The Big Lebowski, but these will be kept mercifully brief.

In my efforts to navigate this new online medium, I will be aided by the very smart, able, and preternaturally wise reporter-researcher Amanda Silverman, who is providing me with a steady stream of ideas.

Your letters, submissions, and ideas can be sent to If you are coming to this item from somewhere other than the home page, you can access it on an ongoing basis here. Go ahead, bookmark it. You can access the RSS feed at this address.

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ALSO: Here's one more link to the blog.