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His Father, For God's Sake, Told You To Worry About Him. Why Did You Not Put Him On A Real Watch List?

The New York Times is on to this story, very fast and very detailed.

A dispatch from Washington by Scott Shane, Eric Schmitt and Eric Lipton reveals that the father of the would-be killer had told American officials (in Lagos, maybe) "several weeks ago" of the involvement of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, his son, with terrorist and extremist Muslim organizations.

But, write the reportorial trio, apparently "the initial information was not specific enough to raise alarms that he could potentially carry out a terrorist attack." My God, what would be information "specific enough?"

This is at least the second time that Washington had real details about an Islamic maniac and did nothing about it. We've lost track of Dr. Hasan. Somebody should go back to this already forgotten tale.

Or if we could only persuade Bibi Netanyahu to stop building in Gilo. Really, that would be all it takes.