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Daily Treatment, Too Much Going On Edition

Too much going on today for this blogger to cover. Fortunately, I'm not alone on the beat...

Reform without a public option would still be a progressive victory. Chris Bowers

But if progressives give ground on the public option, what will they get in return? Ezra Klein

Opponents of health care reform tell a lot of lies. Jonathan Gruber

When they're not lying, they're stalling. Ben Smith, Sam Stein

Of course, sometimes they're just confused. Steve Benen

You think McAllen, Texas, is full of wasteful spending? It's not as bad as Lubbock. And neither compares to Miami. Kate Steadman

Speaking of Texas, this real-life couple from Austin would clearly benefit from reform--and is a reminder of what a difference it can make. Olga Pierce and Sabrina Shankman

Right now, all that couple has is junk insurance--which is a reminder that we need to get rid of it.  Matthew Holt