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Another Historic Vote

The health care debate moves forward. On the motion to proceed, all the Democrats plus independents Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders voted aye. All of the Republicans present voted nay. The final count was 60 to 39. (Republican George Voinovich was back in Ohio.)

The next few weeks promise a wild ride and not just because of the debate over the public option. There will be lots of debate and lots of amendments. Immigration. Abortion. Malpractice. Republicans will do their best to make Democrats take tough votes. Majority Leader Harry Reid will do his best to stop that--while trying hard to hold the line on a bill that's already the product of countless compromises.

For now, though, champions of reform can take satisfaction in the fact that they've overcome yet another major hurdle--and that, once again, they've pushed their cause farther than it's ever gone before.