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Medical Wizardry

For any Washington Wizards fan who's ever wondered why the team has not only so many injuries--just eight games into the season, four of its top six players, as well as two scrubs, have already missed playing time--but so many misdiagnosed injuries, poorly treated injuries, recurrent injuries, players who come back from injury too early or play too many minutes, the blog Bullets Forever points to oft-injured ex-Wizard Etan Thomas's recent question:

While on the subject of team trainers and doctors, is it possible to impose a fine or forced firing when a team trainer or doctor consistently misdiagnoses numerous players? Not to call out any names but certain teams (not here with the Oklahoma City Thunder) employ trainers and doctors who regularly make medical mishaps (if that’s a politically correct way of saying it).

Given that Thomas has played for exactly two NBA teams, and he's exempting the Thunder, it's pretty clear whom he's talking about.

In other NBA news, Michael Wilbon's column arguing that the Cleveland Cavaliers should try to land Allen Iverson--who just sulked his way off his second consecutive team, no mean feat--may be the single worst basketball recommendation I've ever laid eyes on. I'm all for it.