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Michael Steele Thinks White Republicans Are Fearful Nerds

A number of people have noted the off-script hilarity of Michael Steele's response on Roland Martin's show when the host suggested that white Republicans are "afraid of black folks":

You're absolutely right. I mean, I've been in the room and they've been scared of me.

But, for my part, I find equally funny a subsequent moment when Michael Steele began to launch into a parody of white people--in classic, uptight-nasal, Eddie-Murphy-in-"White Like Me" mode--but, sadly, thought better of it after just one syllable. Listen for the word "well," at the end of this babble (complete with devious hand-rubbing!)

So I can imagine going out there talking to someone like you, you know, who, you know, so, okay, I'll listen. And they're like "well..."

and imagine what might have been, if Michael Steele hadn't, for once, caught himself in time.