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AHIP Gets Punk'd!

Slipping their way past the tight security at the Capitol Hilton, liberal activists from a group called “Billionaires for Wealthcare” interrupted AHIP pollster Bill McInturff as he took the stage for the closing speech of the insurance lobby’s conference this morning.

About five activists who had infiltrated the conference, wearing business suits and pearls, burst out into a rendition of “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie. “Just give me a pu-blic option! We can sniff out waste just like a dauschaund—costs come down!” they sang to the insurer-friendly audience. “The option, the option! Without it, it’s a give-away!”

The protesters were quickly escorted out by security guards, but they had at least enough time to make it to the four-part harmony of the song’s chorus.

McInturff, who worked with AHIP in 1994 on the infamous “Harry and Louise” anti-reform ads, tried to make light of the interruption. “That was very good singing,” he said, eliciting some chuckles.

Billionaires for Wealthcare--a grassroots activist group that often uses on satire, singing, and public theatrics—has showed up at health care events throughout the country. They promise they’ll post a video of today’s interruption shortly—stay tuned. 

Update: Here's the full video of the prank.