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Weekend Reading, October 16-18

--David Runciman's fascinating essay on the social and political consequences of inequality

--William Deresiewicz's review of Margaret Atwood (Deresiewicz's fantastic piece on Jonathan Lethem in this week's TNR is here).

--TNR has some great Afghanistan/Pakistan pieces coming next week. To hold you over, check out Dexter Filkins' profile of Stanley McChrystal and Vanessa M. Gezari's account of a rare Afghan success story

--Conor Friedersdorf's take on Rush Limbaugh's race-baiting

--In British political news, David Brooks has an interesting op-ed on the Tories, Matthew d'Anconca applauds David Cameron's radicalism, and Geoffrey Wheatcroft says Blair--and not Brown--is to blame for Labour's collapse