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If Greg Craig Is Leaving Anyway....

...over the Gitmo mess, why not also pin the Copenhagen-Olympic committee fiasco on him? No other clear fall guy (or gal) has yet emerged, after all--but the press certainly wants one.

Indeed, it makes Machiavellian sense to hang as many muck-ups on Craig as possible (Van Jones comes to mind) before sacrificing him at the media altar. Just think of Craig as Wee-Bey from "The Wire"--claiming bodies for the crew on his way out. They might not even have to give him a pit beef sandwich with extra horseradish.

Update: A reader adds:

"To be Wee-Beyed" should be the lexicon for all Washington insiders who take the blame for someone else's misdeeds. Scooter Libby = Wee-Bey. The John Edwards Aide [Andrew Young] = Wee-Bey. The game is the game.