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Capt. Sully to the GOP's Rescue! Or Not.

In interesting GOP 2010 news, The Hill reports that the GOP tried to recruit everybody’s favorite Miracle on the Hudson pilot Captain Sully to run for a House seat in California. The NRCC sent in fellow Air Force veteran Congressman Sam Johnson (R-Texas) to lead the charge. Apparently Johnson got “only as far as Sullenberger’s business manager, who made it clear that Sullenberger would not be interesting in running for a House seat.” An NRCC spokeswoman said that “he was a pretty obvious person to chat with” in the early stage of the election cycle—despite having no political background and that he hasn’t donated money to a political campaign over the past two decades. If the GOP is simply looking for a candidate to be universally liked and to be registered with the right party, why not go for Chuck Norris? At least he’s proved his political chops.

Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times