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The Sun Sets On Labor

Rupert Murdoch's British tabloid has officially abandoned Gordon Brown. Alastair Campbell, who as Tony Blair's media guru was instrumental in winning The Sun over to Labor's side in 1997, doesn't think the switch is that big a deal:

The media marketplace has changed enormously since 1997. Papers have had to become very different animals to compete with 24 hour news and cope with the advent of the web and, more recently, social networking.

As channels of communication have become more diverse and diffuse, it has been harder for the papers to make impact. The Sun made media impact last night, and it will continue throughout the day. As for genuine political impact, it is likely to be less than they think. If Labour lose, it will not be The Sun wot lost it.

Because while the public may know the politicians spin them a line from time to time, they sure as hell know the papers do too.

Not that Alastair Campbell would ever spin. . . .