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Inside the Security Council: Miscellany

Disappointingly, Moamar Qaddafi didn't show up to speak for Libya at the security council this morning, although a Libyan representative did deliver a colorful speech demanding a permanent security council seat for his country and insisting that Israel to grant the IAEA open access to its Dimona nuclear facility.

During the Libyan's remarks, Rahm Emanuel got up, walked across the room and sat down next to Congressman Bill Delahunt--who is a US delegate to this weeks' proceedings--throwing his arm around the Masschusetts Democrat and whispering in his ear.

It was also interesting to see Hillary Clinton seated behind Obama right next to Susan Rice. Clinton is said not to be a fan of the UN Ambassador, a Bill Clinton State Department appointee who signed up with Obama in 2007 and spent much of the 2008 campaign publicly bashing Hillary's record. Although Rahm shared quiet little comments all morning with both Hillary and Rice, the two women barely interacted.

At the close of proceedings, Rahm for some reason made a beeline for Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. Obama shook exchanged words with George Schultz and Sam Nunn, then walked out with an arm around Gordon Brown.