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The Smartest Thing I've Read Today

Comes from the NYT's Mike Hale:

The extended reaction to Mr. West’s deed certainly had something to do with a continuing national conversation about rudeness, whether to presidents, line judges or irritatingly successful country singers. But it was really just the latest manifestation of our addiction to artificial drama, which has grown stronger as the stuff has become more plentiful and cheap, and the shamelessness with which the media now picks at the scabs of any sort of conflict in order to boost ratings.

(A quick primer: President Obama fighting to get his health care plan through Congress equals real drama; Kanye West grabbing the microphone at one of the most cynical promotion fests in American culture, artificial drama.)

Or, as a friend of mine put it, do the people who are all pissed off at Kanye West also get pissed off at heels in pro wrestling?